PsiXpda is your Ultimate Pocket Computer

Designed to be both powerful and stylish. It offers essential PC functionality where portability and availability is required.

PsiXpda’s high performance is incredible in relation to its size. Give this Ultra Mobile Pocket Computer (UMPC) a once-over and you will fall in love with your PDA all over again. This sleek and luxurious design is infused with a touch of class that lives only in the imagination.

It has a natural and inspiring form factor and feel, where class is combined with power and flexibility.

PsiXpda is built to the highest specification and is one of the world’s smallest and lightest Pocket Computers available.

PsiXpda’s exquisite design is fully loaded with Microsoft Windows XP Pro for your business and entertainment experience on the move.

Your pocket has never been this powerful – this slender, lightweight design means you’ll never have to leave your business in the office.

PsiXpda is at the heart of your world.

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