How hot is the PsiXpda? This hot!

While the language is a bit fruity, it’s always nice to see the reaction of people coming across the PsiXpda for the first time. David Williams is just one more person discovering the powerful package that is our pocket computer. Was looking at the Sony UX1XN, and came across something better and cheaper. This is […]

PsiXpda on a plane

One of the advantages of the PsiXpda is the combination of a full desktop computer into a small package that is no larger than a paperback novel. The benefits of this size can be found in many places, but none more so than when travelling. I’m currently in America, first in the San Francisco Valley, […]

PsiXpda “provides a PC you can fit in your pocket”

Daniel Robinson has been putting the PsiXpda through its paces on the V3 website, and his review of the pocket computer is comprehensive and positive: Overall, we were impressed with the PsiXpda…The £449.99 including VAT price also looks steep compared to a netbook, but some phone handsets cost as much, and it should be borne […]

PsiXpda launch in the news

Since we announced the PsiXpda last week, we’ve been delighted to read all the reactions online. So delighted that we wanted to share some of the reaction! Read Write Web The device is a hardware nerd’s dream, described as “very techy and hackable” by one of the minds behind the project, Ewan Spence. It’s smaller […]