How to find remove hidden spyware app from your phone

There are a few steps you can take to try to find and remove hidden spyware app from your phone: 1. Run a security scan: Many antivirus and security apps can detect and remove spyware. These apps can be downloaded from the app store or the website of the security software provider. 2. Check for […]

Social Media Sharing: Think Before You Post

Social media has become just another everyday thing over the last couple of years. Grandparents in their 70’s down to kids as young as 5 and 6 yrs old are partaking in this popular activity. Updating our social media profiles has become just another thing to do whether we want to share images of our […]

How to remove all important data before selling your phone

Smartphones today are not just a calling device, today we share an exceptional bond with our phones. We manage our everyday lives, experience the world through our phones by capturing moments, sharing memories, visit various websites, enjoy games, do online banking, shopping, apps and much more. It’s simply a depository of our memories and information, […]

How to stay safe on free public Wi-Fi networks

We live in a digital day and age today where just about everyone has some sort of electronic gadget on their person at all times. Whether it’s a smartphone, laptop, tablet, MP3 player, etc., most of us have some kind of device with us that allows us to use the internet at some point throughout […]

The rocket in your pocket? That’ll be the PsiXpda

Now that the world is flying again, British Airways customers picking up the Business Life magazine will be treated to a look at the PsiXpda. Jonathan Margolis takes a look at our pocket computer and wonders “why go for an iPad when you can have the small and perfectly formed PsiXPda?” Why indeed. The thing […]

I wonder what I can do with it?

One of the first thoughts from the countless people that got a hands-on experience with the PsiXpda in the halls of the Austin Convention Centre was “what can I do with it?” The crowds at the South by Southwest Interactive conference are a savvy lot. This is, after all, the event where some huge products […]

The hidden power of the operating system

Bouncing around the halls of the South by Southwest Interactive Conference, the PsiXpda is raising a lot of eyebrows both for the small size of the machine and the connectivity options that the powerful pocket computer has. With bluetooth and wifi for local access, and the unlocked 3G for mobile data wherever you are. But […]

What makes PsiXpda So Special?

Recently I was asked, what makes PsiXpda so special? To which I have to go back in history… I started my electronic engineering career over twenty five years ago, working at Psion. I was their first service engineer, with the responsibility to repair as opposed to ‘swap-out’ machines. With that, I was allowed access to […]

Speed and Mobility are Paramount

Google’s Chrome OS has made a lot of headlines, and many people are writing about thwat they think the strategy from Mountain View will be. We here at the PsiXpda offices are discussing just as much as you are. of course we’d be interested in running Chrome OS at a later date – but it […]

Does Google Chrome OS redefine our computing needs?

So the dust settles on the details on Chrome OS and everyone can spend the next few months debating Google’s strategy. Unlike other Bay Area companies, Google has been known to get it wrong, so just because they are doing something, it doesn’t meant that they will make a success of it. With Chrome OS […]