I wonder what I can do with it?

One of the first thoughts from the countless people that got a hands-on experience with the PsiXpda in the halls of the Austin Convention Centre was “what can I do with it?”

The crowds at the South by Southwest Interactive conference are a savvy lot. This is, after all, the event where some huge products have been launched (e.g. Twitter), so to have enquiring minds turn to what the pocket computer could do… well, it’s a good sign.

A popular one that was asked was if it could be used as a hotspot, i.e. sharing the 3G connection with any other wi-fi enabled devices in the area. Given our retail units are shipping with Windows XP as standard, it’s a matter of enabling Internet Connection Sharing. The delights of a full desktop OS in your pocket means you can do tricks like this.

What about video playback? With a dedicated Intel graphics chip, that’s not a problem. Full screen video makes the PsiXpda a great portable machine for the latest BBC program on iPlayer, or footage taken from your mobile phone of family and friends.

Probably the biggest question though was the simplest. What about a word processing? We’ve got that covered as well, as every PsiXpda ships with the full suite of Open Office, providing a word processor, spreadsheet and powerpoint style presentations in your hand. And if your IT department would rather put MS Office on there for you, then that’s not going to be a problem.

Unlike smartphones, we know the PsiXpda will do everything your desktop computer does… and do it where you happen to be.

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