The rocket in your pocket? That’ll be the PsiXpda

Now that the world is flying again, British Airways customers picking up the Business Life magazine will be treated to a look at the PsiXpda. Jonathan Margolis takes a look at our pocket computer and wonders “why go for an iPad when you can have the small and perfectly formed PsiXPda?”

Why indeed.

The thing that I as a regular business traveller have craved for years is a truly pocketable, usable, practical PC with a QWERTY keyboard on which you can type properly.

In the past couple of years, there has been a flood of mini laptops… But, in terms of improved weight and size, you still know it if you’ve lugged one around all day… Early this year, a new UK company launched something rather amazing… the £425 PsiXPda. And this looks to be a plausible answer to what users like me have been hoping for all this time — a Windows PC that fits in a pocket, does internet and has a just-about-usable keyboard.

What stood out for Margolis in this article was the cornerstones of the mobile experience we deliver; connectivity over Wifi or a 3G mobile phone network, the size of the machine compared to similarly specced notebooks and yes, the full Qwerty keyboard.

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