By adhering to our core business model, PsiXpda is able to deliver the technology that is specific to the customer’s requirements. We aim to deliver highly personalised and mobile devices which provide real time solutions.

PsiXpda is designed to be with the clients or users wherever they go, ready to work at the touch of a button. PsiXpda is truly a personal device which provides the client or the user with information anywhere, anytime, which can be relied upon, and become an integral part of the client’s or the user’s lives. We understand and seek to satisfy the needs for business and entertainment UMPC devices that receive and deliver data at the push of a button.

We have designed our UMPC to be visually appealing, functional and practical. While we embrace product changes, we deliver our products to be robust, offer value for money and longevity. We have complemented our development with excellent customer service and support which we constantly monitor and strive to improve with the help of you, our customer.

The PsiXpda is truly mobile at its finest, our cutting edge technology is designed, developed and manufactured to be the best UMPC for commercial, business and home use. As we move forward and look into the future one minute at a time, we aim to develop our organisation, to match our products with our clients, thus meeting new challenges.

We have identified and retained leading developers and manufacturing partners to ensure the highest standards of excellence for our keyboard PDA’s and UMPC’s. Based on our rich history and market knowledge, we will continue to address the needs of the digital mobile sector and utilise the expertise of our key partners.