The hidden power of the operating system

Bouncing around the halls of the South by Southwest Interactive Conference, the PsiXpda is raising a lot of eyebrows both for the small size of the machine and the connectivity options that the powerful pocket computer has. With bluetooth and wifi for local access, and the unlocked 3G for mobile data wherever you are.

But the big wow that everyone loves is the nature of the operating systems available for the PsiXpda. Having the same choices as your desktop, gives the ability to run your favourite applications without having to wait for the applications to be reworked for a smaller screened smartphone device. The PsiXpda on display in Austin, as a proof of concept, can boot into multiple operating systems; Windows XP (which is in our current retail version), Windows 7, Ubuntu, and (just for fun) the ancient delights of the command line through FreeDOS.

One question I was asked during a BlogTalk Radio interview was if the PsiXpda could share its internet connection with other devices, acting like a wifi hotspot. “The beauty of having a ‘full’ operating system is that there are hundreds of thousands of applications out there, and they will all run on this machine. If it runs on your desk, it runs in your pocket.”

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