PsiXpda on a plane

One of the advantages of the PsiXpda is the combination of a full desktop computer into a small package that is no larger than a paperback novel. The benefits of this size can be found in many places, but none more so than when travelling.

I’m currently in America, first in the San Francisco Valley, before going cross-country to Texas, and the South by Southwest Interactive conference. I’ll be demoing the PsiXpda in the halls, lounges and clubs of Austin. If you’ll be there, please get in touch and we can sort out a time.


Before the conference though, there is the small matter of getting to America. Like any start-up that means a long haul flight in the cheap seats. But unlike others, the PsiXpda works wonderfully in the limited space of economy class. Even if the passenger in front of you does not recline his seat, opening and using a regular laptop in the space you get is not a pleasant experience.

Not the PsiXpda. The footprint of the device not only means you have most of the table still free, but you have plenty space to rest your wrists if you need to work on a long document; the screen can be tilted to the best viewing angle; and most importantly you can choose what film you want to watch, rather than be left with the Airline’s choice in the seat back video screen.

PsiXpda? Don’t leave home without it!

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