PsiXpda “provides a PC you can fit in your pocket”

Daniel Robinson has been putting the PsiXpda through its paces on the V3 website, and his review of the pocket computer is comprehensive and positive:

Overall, we were impressed with the PsiXpda…The £449.99 including VAT price also looks steep compared to a netbook, but some phone handsets cost as much, and it should be borne in mind that the comparably sized OQO pocket computer left buyers with little change out of £1,000.

He points out the wide range of connectivity options (including the built in 3G modem) and found that he “had no problems viewing the Windows XP desktop at its native 800×480 resolution.” The size of the unit (smaller than your laptop or netbook, but a bit more presence than a smartphone) also drew praise.

..the PsiXpda could find itself a niche with engineers or IT staff, who need a computer they can use while walking around, and it also means the system can be used while you are standing on a crowded train, unlike a laptop or netbook.

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