Speed and Mobility are Paramount

Google’s Chrome OS has made a lot of headlines, and many people are writing about thwat they think the strategy from Mountain View will be. We here at the PsiXpda offices are discussing just as much as you are. of course we’d be interested in running Chrome OS at a later date – but it appears that Google will have very strict definitions on the hardware that will run the OS.

Don’t forget that Google’s Chrome Web Browser is available for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, plus the open source variant, Chromium, is availabel for a number of platforms including Linux and Ubunutu.

One interesting comment we saw about market positioning caught our eye though (our emphasis):

The point is that consumer computing is shifting to a place where speed and mobility are paramount. The reason people are so excited about products…. isn’t because they can run Photoshop – they can’t – it’s because they offer an easy way to use the Internet. Same thing with the iPhone. Same thing with Android phones. And it will be the same thing with Chrome OS and the ChromeBooks.

We couldn’t agree with this statement more. It’s not just the software, but the hardware, where it’s used, and what it will be used for that are important to consumers.

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