PsiXpda launch in the news

Since we announced the PsiXpda last week, we’ve been delighted to read all the reactions online. So delighted that we wanted to share some of the reaction!

Read Write Web
The device is a hardware nerd’s dream, described as “very techy and hackable” by one of the minds behind the project, Ewan Spence. It’s smaller than netbooks, roughly 2/3 in length and 1/2 the width. It weighs 430 grams, around 15 ounces.

SlashGear actually sat down with a prototype PsiXpda a few weeks ago, and the UMPC certainly has promise. The whole thing is reasonably light, and the screen hinge felt solid despite the prototype status. As you might expect, the QWERTY keyboard lacks travel, but it’s still large enough for comfortable pecking.

UMPC Portal
On the top, the Eking S515 available in China… On the bottom, the PsiXpda… Yup, they’re the same device which is excellent news. Why? It means activity, availability and competition which is great for everyone. Lord knows we need some movement in this market.

JK On The Run
Remember the Psion? Not the trademark-busting Psion, the ones who built the cool PDA with a keyboard and nice form factor. Hang onto your wallets, as the PsiXpda looks to revive that great form factor and PDA device. It has been launched by a former Psion employee and an editor at All About Symbian, and it looks like it’s really going to happen.

Being marketed as the successor to the Series 5, this guy doesn’t have the RS-232 port, monochrome display, or twenty hours of battery life — but with 3G, WiFi, and a 1.1GHz Atom processor, we ain’t complaining.

Into Mobile
The PsiXpda may not be for me, I prefer a larger screen and keyboard, but for the people who are interested in such a device then you have my full recommendation that Ewan will stand behind his product and give you the attention you deserve if the situation ever arises where you need support.

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